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July 18, 2018


Nurses are at the heart of health care. Their knowledge and skillfulness help save the lives of millions of patients every day. They're literally heroes.

Mosby's Nursing Suite, an Elsevier company that focuses on continuing education, wanted to celebrate nurses i...

July 9, 2018


The American Heart Association fights for citizens' better health through a variety of methods: nutrition tips, government policy, doctor recommendations and more. In 2017, the St. Louis chapter of the AHA particularly was focused on the low nutritional value an...

June 28, 2018

I'd posted the following to Facebook in the wee hours of December 26, 2016, shortly after hearing that Wham! vocalist George Michael had died.

My love for George Michael came from my mother, thanks to her adoration of "I Want Your Sex." If she were on Facebook to see me...

June 28, 2018

I'd posted the following to Facebook on April 21, 2016, after hearing that the extraordinary musician Prince had died.

In elementary school, I had the "Purple Rain" 45. I can't remember who gave it to me or how it came into my possession, but this record was seriously t...

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