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August 13, 2018


While at HLK, a full-service digital agency, I was one of the lead digital brand stewards for a major Monsanto crop-management solution system.

For the #CompeteForClean campaign, I contributed significantly to a content series that centered around videos highligh...

July 29, 2018


There are a ton of health supplements out there. Some work, some don't.  Some totally mess up your body.

But CocoaVia, a supplement from Mars (yes, the candy maker), had the studies, data and results to back its claims of improving healthy circulation. You know t...

July 23, 2018


Ghostblogging, SPACE Architecture + Design, July 7, 2016

Communications agencies, businesses, civic organizations and nonprofits often tap me to put their brands into words that will entice readers to share and act. With plenty of research and client interviews,...

July 23, 2018


Ghostblogging, Space Architecture + Design, August 26, 2016

As one of the premier architecture firms in St. Louis, SPACE Architecture + Designs has found a niche building out amazing structures that enhance both brand reputation and consumer experience. for a var...

July 18, 2018

In my role as marketing specialist for undergraduate recruitment at Saint Louis University, I was focused on connecting with prospective students through new channels -- and in the late 2000s, that meant trying out nifty new stuff on niche owned websites and on Faceboo...

July 18, 2018


Nurses are at the heart of health care. Their knowledge and skillfulness help save the lives of millions of patients every day. They're literally heroes.

Mosby's Nursing Suite, an Elsevier company that focuses on continuing education, wanted to celebrate nurses i...

July 9, 2018


The American Heart Association fights for citizens' better health through a variety of methods: nutrition tips, government policy, doctor recommendations and more. In 2017, the St. Louis chapter of the AHA particularly was focused on the low nutritional value an...

July 8, 2018


Here's something many people don't know: I was a car blogger for a year. Yay, freelance life!

FarFetched Studios hired me to ghostwrite an ongoing series of blog posts for several of its automotive clients in St. Louis, Columbia, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and beyo...

July 7, 2018


Coffee is sacred to a lot of folks - you can't have just any old java passing through your lips! You also can't have any old java on the shelf.

Goshen Coffee Company recognized this and tapped Atomicdust for a rebrand with moxie. The agency's excellent graphic de...

July 6, 2018


As one of the leaders in gluten-free and allergen-friendly snacks, Enjoy Life Foods has considerable reach, and the information on their site literally could mean life or death for someone. That's why when local marketing agency Infuz took on ELF as a client, we...

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