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October 6, 2018

Cover story, Riverfront Times, May 10, 2017

Photos by Kelly Glueck

It feels appropriate that I'm posting this particular story tonight. Just hours ago, Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia confirmed that they would dismiss millions of s...

August 18, 2018

Digital feature, Riverfront Times, May 14, 2015

I've been writing for the Riverfront Times for many years now, and I'm blessed and grateful that they let me cover pretty much whatever I want at this point. They trust me to use my news judgement to look into stories that...

August 13, 2018

Digital story, BrainJet, March 14, 2016

Photos by Allison Babka

In 2015, I was an editor at a local content startup, overseeing two websites and making sure that our stories and slideshows about history, "Star Wars," pets, geography, careers and weird stuff went viral.


July 9, 2018

Digital story, NerdBastards, October 28, 2010

Remember when The Walking Dead television show was new and didn't suck? Remember when it went with storylines from the comics and made sense? Remember when you didn't hate every single character? 

LOL, not anymore.

Back in 201...

July 8, 2018

Digital story, BrainJet, December 2015

When someone hacks into your information, it's never fun. But it's doubly heinous when it happens to your children.

In November 2015, digital toymaker VTech was hit by a cyber attack that expert security analysts are calling the l...

July 6, 2018

Digital story, City Pages, May 1, 2014

Photo courtesy of James Hong

A good actor relishes playing all kinds of roles -- a sorcerer here, an assassin there. But 500 characters? That's insane. That's exactly what makes Minneapolis native James Hong a great actor instead of...

July 6, 2018

Feature story for Minnesota magazine, University of Minnesota, Winter 2018

Most of my professional opportunities come directly from my local network. St. Louis passes around freelance writers as if they were sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving. 

So I was a bit surprised...

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