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'Tour SLU' Video Series (Saint Louis University)

A young woman with brown hair gestures in front of a green space and patio

After 10 years in the marketing department at Saint Louis University -- five of those focused on undergraduate recruitment branding and communications -- I was ready to try new things via freelance. And I did.

But education marketing kept pulling me back in.

A year after I left, SLU contracted me to produce a new series of recruitment videos that would enhance the university's "Be a Billiken" storytelling brand while giving an important look at academics and campus life. As I'd predicted over the years, video had become increasingly vital to the university's undergraduate recruitment efforts.

SLU had already selected the videos' hosts and had a script draft in progress, so I finessed that a bit with my deep institutional knowledge of the "Be a Billiken" brand voice that I'd created and honed since 2007. I then worked with SLU's in-house producer ("the new Allison") and a videography studio to scout locations, coach the student hosts through their lines, choose footage and music and review everything for consistency.

We produced three new videos for the "Tour SLU" series, and though their flavor was a little different, they fit in well with the sentiment and goals behind previous "Be a Billiken" videos.

Play the videos below or watch them on YouTube:

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