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Website Copy Development and Editing (Enjoy Life Foods)

A young girl with dark hair smiles and holds a baking tray of cookie batter

As one of the leaders in gluten-free and allergen-friendly snacks, Enjoy Life Foods has considerable reach, and the information on their site literally could mean life or death for someone. That's why when local marketing agency Infuz took on ELF as a client, we knew we needed to make the company's redesigned website and new/refreshed copy really convey just how vital its gluten-free production processes are.

In 2014, I rewrote the majority of the web copy -- including call-outs, headers, product descriptions, company history and meta items -- and later followed that up with major editing/refreshing/streamlining of the current FAQ and other dense materials.

ELF enjoyed the new website so much that when our agency closed shortly after the work's completion, the company followed our project manager over to his next agency.


Five cards in black and white instructing the reader to solve a mystery

A mysterious tin box

Three women and three men hold cards at a trade show while dressed like Sherlock Holmes

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