Packaging and Website Copy (Goshen Coffee Company)

Goshen Coffee Bags featuring a tattooed woman making a muscle

Coffee is sacred to a lot of folks - you can't have just any old java passing through your lips! You also can't have any old java on the shelf.

Goshen Coffee Company recognized this and tapped Atomicdust for a rebrand with moxie. The agency's excellent graphic designer already was turning Goshen's previous ho-hum packaging into something the hipster kids would dig, but Atomicdust also needed a new writer to shake up the copy. They brought me in for kicky coffee descriptions, Goshen's mission statement, web copy and meta descriptions. The result was a concept that both looked and read like a caffeinated jolt. What a perfect blend.

This project earned a 2012 gold TAM (Targeted Advertising and Marketing) award in the "identity package" category as well as other awards, and advertising/design publications wrote about Goshen's transformation extensively.


Empty Goshen Coffee bags

Goshen Coffee website with illustrated birds and ocean waves

Goshen Coffee Breakfast Blend description

Goshen Coffee Holiday Blend description