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Student Marketing Competition Highlight Video (Lutheran Church Extension Fund)

Three students sit at a table with laptops and notes

Oh, higher education, I just can't quit you. Say hello to another video about students that I helped produce after I'd left Saint Louis University! Because of my extensive video experience at SLU, Parabolic Media tapped me to interview the college teams participating in the Lutheran Church Extension Fund's inaugural National Student Marketing Competition. The production company knew that I could make these students feel comfortable while diving deep into their personal reasons for entering the rigorous competition. After working with the Parabolic team on story angles and thinking ahead to possible video cuts, I developed a broad series of questions for the student teams and their faculty advisers. The interviews began the moment students arrived at the airport, continued at their hotel that evening and occurred pre- and post-competition the following day. The excitement and pride these students had for their work was infectious, and we could tell that the competition judges felt the same way when we held an impromptu interview session with them. Portions of my interviews are shown in the LCEF video below that gives a brief overview of the competition, but the juicy bits have been saved for additional topical videos that premiered later that year to promote the competition to a new batch of college students. In addition to conducting interviews, I assisted during the entire production, including scouting locations, staging shoot locations, coordinating logistics, applying makeup and more.

Play the video below or watch it on Vimeo:

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