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The Superheroes of Nursing (Mosby's Nursing Suite)

Illustration of nurses near computers, ready to battle a shadowy villain

Nurses are at the heart of health care. Their knowledge and skillfulness help save the lives of millions of patients every day. They're literally heroes.

Mosby's Nursing Suite, an Elsevier company that focuses on continuing education, wanted to celebrate nurses in a new way while generating leads for product outreach. The publisher partnered with agency Atomicdust for "Superheroes of Nursing" branding in 2011, and its success led the agency to bring me in a year later to write for the latest iteration.

We developed content around four key areas of nursing: emergency, executives, patient safety and education. Through strategic copy in many of Mosby's communications vehicles and on Facebook, we encouraged fans to nominate deserving nursing professionals for a variety of prizes and honors. We continued the "superhero" theme from the previous year with a few updates, calling upon nurses to join together to defeat the evil villain Obstructo, who prevents nurses from fulfilling their duties.

By posting regular Facebook content and mini-contests over several months and complementing it with strategic ads and email campaigns, we significantly increased Mosby's number of engaged Facebook fans and captured contact information for thousands of industry professionals -- something Mosby later used for targeted product sales.


Facebook page featuring Mosby's Nursing Suite

Mosby's Facebook request for nursing nominations

Mosby's Facebook form for nursing nominations

Mosby's thank you for nominating nurses for a Facebook contest

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