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Multi-platform Series: Video, Interviews, Copywriting, Social (Monsanto)

A farmer in a hat, plaid shirt and jeans bends down to inspect his field covered with straw

While at HLK, a full-service digital agency, I was one of the lead digital brand stewards for a major Monsanto crop-management solution system.

For the #CompeteForClean campaign, I contributed significantly to a content series that centered around videos highlighting how regional farmers tend their fields, what problems they face, how they use Monsanto products to combat issues and what tips they might have for other farmers who grow corn or soybeans. I prepared interview questions, researched products, made shotlists, directed the videographer and compiled scripts for our video editors.

For the associated content, I also directed designers on images and quotes for digital use, wrote email copy highlighting the videos, and developed posts for Monsanto's many social media properties.

I went into my time at HLK knowing very little about agriculture, other than the bit I'd picked up from what my grandpa had told me about running a farm in his earlier years. But talking to the farmers for this series brought a lot of things into focus for me, and their passion for quality crops and for their way of life was meaningful and valuable.


Hermann Wiid, Missouri: Roundup Ready PLUS Challenge.

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