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Colorful storyteller, editor and content planner

A Little About Me:

As a take-charge journalist with a marketer’s heart, I produce editorial content that gets people talking. Combining big-picture ideas and a producer’s eye for detail, I work with designers, videographers, photographers, social strategists, developers and other writers to create the best possible narratives with available resources.

What I Do:

I'm an award-winning wordsmith, editor and content planner with significant experience in journalism, editing, copywriting, video production, digital media and more. Basically I dig up and build multi-channel stories, capitalizing on big-picture storytelling opportunities for media and agencies. I make things pretty with words and glue stuff together with common sense. Want to see some favorite projects?


In-House and Agency Marketing Plans and Copy


Editorial Direction and Longform Stories

Let's connect.

You never know what or who might spark a great editorial idea! I'm available for short-term, long-term and one-off writing, editing and content-planning projects for media, in-house teams and agencies. I generally need at least two weeks' notice and a signed contract (or other mutually agreed-upon commitment) before beginning work, so please connect with me as soon as you anticipate a project. PR folks, feel free to pitch me as long as your story ideas are tied to the greater St. Louis region in some way.

Review my projects and bio to learn what I'm about and then email me to set up a meeting.

One more thing: This site looks awful via mobile. View it on a laptop for best results.

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A Note About Images:

All photos and images are displayed as part of my portfolio packages and as commentary. They belong to their originators, which include periodicals, agencies, brands, individual photographers, stock resources and myself. Please obtain permission from original owners if you're interested in using these or similar images. Please do not steal creative work.

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