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What I Do:

I'm an award-winning wordsmith, editor and content planner with significant experience in journalism, editing, copywriting, video production, digital media and more. Basically I dig up and build multi-channel stories, capitalizing on big-picture storytelling opportunities for media and agencies. I make things pretty with words and glue stuff together with common sense.

I'm grateful that my career has crisscrossed media and marketing in so many ways. There's a lot of overlap between both industries when it comes to strategic planning and tactics, and there are many more exciting things on the horizon. Storytelling is storytelling. Interviewing is interviewing. Packaging is packaging. I've been part of all of this as an editor and marketer, and I'm #blessed for it.

I'm Good at Stuff!

As a senior editor and writer, I've worked on many different types of projects over the years. To my delight, the content-planning processes for media and marketing share similar traits, especially now that content marketing, brand publishing and sponsored content have really taken off. I love most of my projects no matter if they're feature stories or content campaigns, but the ones that stick with me the most have the following threads in common:

• Getting readers and consumers excited about a business, product, idea or character

• Thinking about how a story or idea translates into different content packages for different mediums

• Determining valuable related content -- the sidebars, downloads and "see also" stuff

• Collaborating with designers and videographers to maintain accurate, thorough, on-brand storytelling

• Interviewing passionate characters and clients for written content, video and brand planning

• Writing and editing longform feature stories, blogs, histories and explainers/listicles

• Finding interesting angles for "boring" topics

• Working with junior writers to develop their ideation, story structure and content mapping skills


Recent Project:

Venture Cafe's "Happen" Magazine

Throughout 2018, I oversaw the launch of "Happen" Magazine, a new signature storytelling publication for Venture Cafe, which is a global innovation community for those in the startup, maker, science, arts, education, civic and social justice fields. As the editorial director, I teamed up with an art director to conceptualize, theme and create a 90-page print magazine celebrating category groundbreakers from Venture Cafe's worldwide locations and inspiring ecosystems. I was commissioned to bring "Happen" to life to generate global and local excitement for innovators and attract new funders and participants. You can read "Happen" on Venture Cafe's website and read my blog to learn why the magazine was so meaningful to me.


Ongoing Work

I work with media and agencies on a rolling project basis for articles, traditional copywriting, content planning, blog posts, e-books and editing. NDAs prevent me from talking about most agency stuff, but I can tell you that I regularly write features for the Riverfront Times and the Ladue News and university magazines, among other periodicals and blogs.

Got a story idea? Want to hire me for a project or publication? Get in touch!

Previous Work

Everything I do -- planning, directing, writing, editing, executing, collaborating -- ends up in campaigns, articles, videos, e-books, presentations and general content within one of these three buckets. Click for a few favorite projects in each.


In-House and Agency Marketing Plans and Copy

Connecting the content dots and boosting interest like a fiend.


Editorial Direction and Longform Stories

Writing 3,500-word missives on your new favorite topic.


Give Me Something New!

I've covered a lot of topics as a senior writer and marketer, and while I've enjoyed the ride, there are a few special subjects I'd like to explore again or wade into for the first time. If you have content needs around these themes, email me!

• Social justice/advocacy (especially in health care, feminism and general human rights)

• Workplace issues (do's and don'ts, organizational culture, biases and wage gaps)

• Tech advancements (apps, games, AI and societal shake-ups)

• Science (explainers, groundbreaking research and personal impact)

• Geek pursuits (comic books, board games and unusual films)

• Humanities (histories, new ideas, movements)

• Innovators in all industries

• General quirkiness (people, ideas, towns and businesses)

Here's what I've covered in the past: higher education, agriculture, entertainment, social justice, technology, hospitality/travel, business, fashion, health/wellness, pets/animals, nerd culture, finance, packaged foods, interior design, automotive, telecom, weddings, safety supplies, marine products, lighting, aviation, marketing principles and more. 

Got something for me? Send that email!

Let's connect.

You never know what or who might spark a great editorial idea! I'm available for short-term, long-term and one-off writing, editing and content-planning projects for media, in-house teams and agencies. I generally need at least two weeks' notice and a signed contract (or other mutually agreed-upon commitment) before beginning work, so please connect with me as soon as you anticipate a project. PR folks, feel free to pitch me as long as your story ideas are tied to the greater St. Louis region in some way.

Review my projects and bio to learn what I'm about and then email me to set up a meeting.

One more thing: This site looks awful via mobile. View it on a laptop for best results.

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A Note About Images

All photos and images are displayed as part of my portfolio packages and as commentary. They belong to their originators, which include periodicals, agencies, brands, individual photographers, stock resources and myself. Please obtain permission from original owners if you're interested in using these or similar images. Please do not steal items.

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