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Hey, Girl, Hey!

Congratulations on wading through a whole lot of vanity words (or for jumping straight to the contact page, you sneaky dog)! Your reward is... well, it's not all that interesting. Just a page that lists all of the necessary contact info and links in one place. But yay, you!

My Work Is Scattered Like Horcruxes

During my long career, I've had portfolios on so, so many websites. I'm working on porting everything over to this one, but it's a long process that sucks time from my paid projects. So for now, just enjoy all the colored pencils and a few items on this site, ok?

But if you really want to dig around aimlessly, you can find my work here:

Behance (general marketing and media portfolio, somewhat outdated)

Muck Rack (news clips, somwhat outdated)

Clippings (more news clips, somewhat outdated)

Riverfront Times (author archive, though it's missing a few early items due to a CMS change)

Ladue News (search results for my name because there's no real archive, for some reason)

Alive Magazine (author archive, also missing a few things)

Nerdbastards (author archive)

ReviewSTL (author archive)

Sadly, I can't point you toward my fun BrainJet and YesPets archives because the CMS changed after I left, chopping up or completely eating most of my work. Likewise, most of my bylined work from a variety of organizations and from my ten years at Saint Louis University is gone because of progress. And if there's a trove of my Wheeling News-Register and Wheeling Intelligencer stories from between 1995 and 2000 out in the digital ether somewhere, I haven't found it. Sigh.

Looking for something specific? Just email me.

Yes, But Are You Social?

Eh, I'm an extroverted introvert -- I like talking to people (I couldn't conduct hundreds of interviews if I didn't), but I need serious alone time afterward. So I guess I'm social up to a point.

Oh, you mean digitally? Well, duh.

Feel free to connect with me, but prepare yourself for a lot of cat photos, cursing and discussion about media, PR, social justice, science, feminism, health care, city issues, nerd stuff, music, fashion dilemmas and if the expired yogurt I just ate is going to kill me. I make zero bones about who I am and what I believe in.

Enjoy my many profile faces.


ambabka on Twitter

At my most Allison-est.


ambabka on Instagram

Food, cats, whining.

13041083_10100985410102384_1192942647630880150_o (2).jpg

mycolorfulbutt on Instagram

My closet is better than yours.


ambabka on LinkedIn

We're all forced to be here.


ambabka on Poshmark

Want to buy my old clothes?


allisonbabka on Google+

Hahahahahahaha, no.

By The Way

I'm based in St. Louis, Missouri. I've lived here since 2000 and I generally like it, though it has its problems and I miss my loved ones back east. But this is a fantastic city for creating and doing and running and discovering. I've carved out a hell of a career here, both when I've been traditionally employed and during my years of freelance. There's no end to word-of-mouth networking or story tips in St. Louis. It really is like the biggest small town, with all of the pluses and minuses that come with that.

That said, I'm not opposed to traveling or relocating for the right opportunity. There's always something new to discover, be it down the street, down the highway or down the interstate.

Let's connect.

You never know what or who might spark a great editorial idea! I'm available for short-term, long-term and one-off writing, editing and content-planning projects for media, in-house teams and agencies. I generally need at least two weeks' notice and a signed contract (or other mutually agreed-upon commitment) before beginning work, so please connect with me as soon as you anticipate a project. PR folks, feel free to pitch me as long as your story ideas are tied to the greater St. Louis region in some way.

Review my projects and bio to learn what I'm about and then email me to set up a meeting.

One more thing: This site looks awful via mobile. View it on a laptop for best results.

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A Note About Images

All photos and images are displayed as part of my portfolio packages and as commentary. They belong to their originators, which include periodicals, agencies, brands, individual photographers, stock resources and myself. Please obtain permission from original owners if you're interested in using these or similar images. Please do not steal items from my site.

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