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'Be a Billiken' Web Copywriting (Saint Louis University)

White text and a white outline of a Billiken on navy blue background asking "What is a Billiken?"

In my role as marketing specialist for undergraduate recruitment at Saint Louis University, I was focused on connecting with prospective students through new channels -- and in the late 2000s, that meant trying out nifty new stuff on niche owned websites and on Facebook.

We had just launched the university's evolving new student recruitment brand "Be a Billiken," and I began using video to communicate SLU's uniqueness and value. As the creator and guardian of the brand's voice, I pulled the brand's promises through video, consumable copy and behind-the-scenes SEO copy. For the banners and carousel thumbnails on, I wrote copy that reflected the videos' contents and enticed students to click for more info (and submit their contact information to our admissions team). I honed the messaging yearly after more focus groups and testing, and my writing helped SLU land its then-largest freshman class ever.

A few samples are below.

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